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  • All our materials are sourced domestically, ensuring compliance with DFARS regulations.
  • With an extensive inventory of over 150 tons, we strive to ship your order on the same day, provided it is placed before noon CST.
  • We stock Annealed and Normalized conditions in various cut sizes, ranging from .025" to .250” thickness.
  • Our sheets, measuring 18" x 72" or smaller, fall within the size limits for shipping via both UPS and FedEx. This means that our sheets can be conveniently shipped overnight.

General Characteristics of 4130
4130 grade is a low-alloy steel that incorporates chromium and molybdenum as agents to enhance strength. It presents an excellent balance of strength and toughness. Additionally, 4130 exhibits favorable machinability and weldability, allowing for welding using various commercial methods. In specific cases, the material may necessitate a post-weld stress relief heat treatment.

What is the main difference Normalized and Annealed?
Annealed material is easier to form compared to normalized material due to its lower tensile strength.

Chemistry of 4130 Grade
%Cr0.80 - 1.10
%Mo0.15 - 0.25
%C0.28 - 0.33
%Mn0.40 - 0.60
%P (Max)0.025
%S (Max)0.040
%Si0.15 - 0.35

4130 Alloy Steel is sometimes referred to as Chromoly or Chrome Moly?
4130 steel is a remarkable alloy that combines the properties of chrome and molybdenum. This unique composition provides the foundation for the names Chromoly and Chrome Moly.

What does the 30 in 4130 stand for?
The number 30 represents the carbon content in this particular grade of steel.

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